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Latest Version 2.100.1 || Play store Apk Size – 624 MB

Free Fire is a popular battleground mobile PC game all over the world, which has millions of fans who want to free fire max download apk, then you have come to the right place, here we will tell you that Android phone and iOS phone pc Free Fire how to Download Games.

free fire max apk download

Free Fire max Game Download

If you want to download free fire max game then you can download free fire max game by clicking on given link. if you are android user then you click on free fire for android button, and if you are iOS user then click on the download For ios button.

S.N.Apk Details
1.Apk Name Free Fire MAX Apk
2.Latest Version Updated to version 1.100.1!
3.Device RequirementsAndroid 4.1, iOS 11, Windows 7 and above,
4.APK SizeAndroid 624 – iOS 1GB+
5.OBB Size323.9Mb
6.Playstore Download100M+
7.Playstore Rating 4.2
8.Made By Garena International
9. Game Type Action, Adventure

What is Free Fire Max Game .

Free Fire is a popular battle royale battleground video game developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena. It is available for mobile devices and can be played on both iOS and Android platforms. The game was first released in 2017.

In Free Fire, players are dropped onto a remote island where they must compete against other players to be the last person or team standing. The game typically features matches with up to 50 players, and the gameplay is fast-paced and intense. Players can choose their starting point on the map, collect weapons, supplies, and vehicles, and strategize to outlast their opponents.

Here are some key features of Free Fire:

  1. Characters: Free Fire features a variety of characters, each with unique abilities that can give players an advantage in the game.
  2. Weapons: There is a wide selection of weapons, including firearms, melee weapons, and throwables, that players can find and use.
  3. Vehicles: Vehicles are available for faster mobility across the map, and they are essential for avoiding the shrinking play zone.
  4. Play Zones: The game’s map gradually shrinks over time, forcing players into closer combat and ensuring that the matches don’t last too long.
  5. Squads: Players can form squads of up to four people and collaborate with their teammates to increase their chances of winning.
  6. In-Game Purchases: Free Fire is a free-to-play game, but it offers in-game purchases for cosmetic items and character customization. This is how the developers monetize the game.
  7. Seasons and Events: Free Fire often features seasons and events with special challenges, rewards, and limited-time game modes to keep the gameplay fresh.

The game has gained a massive player base, especially in regions like Southeast Asia and South America, and has become one of the most popular mobile battle royale games. Its accessibility, fast-paced gameplay, and frequent updates have contributed to its success. Please note that my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, and there may have been changes or updates to the game since then.


1. What is the free fire max game ?

free fire is an actionadventure battle royale game which is also available for the mobile version. Free Fire game is developed by 111 Dots Studio. Free Fire Game was released on 20 November 2017 by beta. Then later it was released officially on 04 December 2017 for IOS and Android as well.

2. How to Download Free Fire Game?

If you are an Android user, you can download Garena Free Fire Game from Google Play Store. Or if you are an iOS user, you can download from App Store. And you can install it on your phone. Free Fire can be downloaded by clicking on the Free Fire Download button given below.

3. Which company made Free Fire?

Free Fire game is developed by 111dots studio, the company

4. Which country’s company has made Garena Free Fire?

The parent company of this Garena is Sea Limited whose Headquarter is in Singapore and the main job of this company is to distribute Online Games.

And the famous game League Of Legends is also distributed by this company. Garena made this game with the help of 111Dots,

5. when free fire max was launched

Free Fire max was launched officially on 18 September 2021 on Google Play Store or iOS App Store. However, this free fire Max became more popular when the free fire game was banned in India.

6. How much download from free fire play store

Free Fire has more than 100 million downloads from the Play Store.

How To Free Fire Max Download Apk ?

You can download Free Fire from the official app stores for your mobile device. Here are the steps to download Free Fire on popular platforms:

For Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar at the top, type “Free Fire max game download” and press Enter.
  3. Look for the official Free Fire app developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena.
  4. Tap on the app, then click the “Install” button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  6. Once the game is installed, you can open it and start playing.

For iOS (iPhone/iPad):

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. In the search tab at the bottom, type “Free Fire Max Downlaod” and press the search icon.
  3. Look for the official Free Fire app developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena.
  4. Tap the “Get” button next to the app to start downloading.
  5. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID/Face ID to confirm the download.
  6. Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can open it from your home screen and begin playing.

Please note that Free Fire may have specific system requirements, so make sure your device meets those requirements to ensure smooth gameplay. Additionally, be cautious when downloading and installing games from unofficial sources, as they may pose security risks or be counterfeit versions of the game. It’s always best to download games from official app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to ensure you are getting a legitimate and safe version of the game.

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